Plenary and invited talks (tentative list)

  • Samuel Lara Avila, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

  • "All-epitaxial TaC/Graphene 2D superconductor for quantum technologies"

  • Ausrine Bartysyte, University of Franche-Comté, France
    "LiNbO3 - from single crystal to thin films"

  • Amlan Biswas, University of Florida, USA
    "Strain and Electric Field Dependence of Magnetic Anisotropy in Manganite Microstructures"

  • Michal Bockowski, Institute of High Pressure Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    "Crystal Growth in Poland"

  • Charles Cornet, INSA Rennes, France
    "Understanding III-V/Si Heteroepitaxy : Experiments and Theory"

  • Jeffrey Derby, University of Minnesota, USA
    "How modeling in crystal growth allows us to `see what is hidden by what we see."

  • Stefan Eichler, Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH, Germany

  • Joana Ferreira, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    "Crystallization versus aggregation states in protein solutions"

  • Martin Frentrup, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy University of Cambridge, UK
    "Nucleation layer studies of MOVPE-grown cubic GaN"

  • S. Ganesamoorthy, Homi Bhabha National Institute, India
    "Single crystal growth of CdZnTe by travelling heater method and its characterization for gamma ray detector applications"

  • Robert Kral, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
    "Low-phonon materials for mid-infrared lasers"

  • Stanisław Krukowski, Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    "Steps dynamics and the growth of crystals and epitaxial layers"

  • Pascal Loiseau, Chimie-ParisTech (ENSCP) Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, France
    "Investigation of YAl3(BO3)4 crystal growth by using lanthanum borate-based flux for nonlinear optical application in the UV range"

  • James Lutsko, University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
    "Flat versus curved step growth in the presence of impurities: what simulation reveals about the importance of geometry"
  • Sara Martí-Sánchez, Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2), Spain  
    "The Nanowire (R)evolution viewed at atomic scale: from VLS vertical systems to planar quantum networks"

  • Paolo Pio Mazzeo, University of Parma, Italy
    Crystal Engineering for storage and release of molecular active ingredients

  • Emilio Nogales, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
    "Micro-photoluminescence characterization of optical microcavities in doped β-Ga2O3 nanowires for temperature sensors"

  • Salvatore Ethan Panasci, Italy
    "2D-Materials for electronics devices: synthesis approaches and integration with dielectrics."

  • Thomas Schroeder: Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ), Germany
    "Crystal Growth in Germany"

  • Oleg Sidletskiy, Ensemble3 Center of Excellence Oxide crystal group Professor, Poland
    Institute for Scintillation Materials, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Department of Crystal Growth Technology
    "Single crystals and heterostructures for fast-timing scintillators"

  • Kimberly Dick Thelander, Lund University, Sweden
    Crystal Growth and Nucleation of Semiconductor Nanostructures Explored by in-situ Investigations

  • Vivek Verma, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
    "Templated crystallisation of Biopharmaceuticals"

  • Brigitte Walla, Technische Universität München, Germany
    "Modeling-based Control and Monitoring of Preparative Protein Crystallization Processes "

  • Gang Wang, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOP, CAS), China
    "Large negative magnetoresistance in topological insulator candidate CeCuAs2 with spin-glass-like behavior"

  • Martin Wegener, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
    "Laser printing metamaterial crystals and atomic crystals"

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