Topics & Sessions

For the event, we invite all scientists involved in crystal growth and characterization. The ECCG-8 will cover all topics related to those issues, in particular:

S1. Fundamentals of crystal growth and modeling 

This session will focus on bulk crystal growth of several liquid and vapour phase materials. Topics of interest range from crystallisation mechanisms in melt growth, solution growth, physical vapour transport to morphology, growth instabilities, defect formation and crystallography relevant to bulk crystal growth. In addition, this session will focus on modelling the aforementioned processes at different time and length scales, from ab initio MD to continuous methods.

Chair: Dominique Maes, Belgium
Chair: Janis Virbulis, Latvia

S2. Semiconductor single crystals and films

This session will focus on epitaxial growth of thin films, multilayers, superlattices, nanowires and membranes. Materials will include III-V, II-VI and classical semiconductors and implementation of new device concepts will be discussed.

Chair: Nicola Lovergine, Italy
Chair: Pawel Prystawko, Poland

S3. Crystals for energy production, saving and storage

This session covers the growth of crystals for energy production and storage. Topics will start with classical semiconductors such as silicon crystals or heteroepitaxially grown III-V structures and chalcopyrite thin films, to new materials such as perovskites and kesterites. Another topic is the massive growth of broadband semiconductors such as SiC, GaN, Ga2O3, AlN and Diamond for energy-efficient power electronics. The session will highlight the latest advances in the growth technologies of the above-mentioned materials and the material properties achieved, bearing in mind the requirements that are being demanded by the commercial market, emphasising the performance and cost requirements for the production of power electronics devices.

Chair: Martin Bellmann, Norway
Chair: Alessandro Romeo, Italy

S4. Crystals for optics

This session will focus on topics related to the growth of optical crystals and their optical, structural and spectroscopic properties. Of particular interest will be laser crystals, non-linear optical crystals, crystals doped with rare earth and transition metal ions and scintillators.

Chair: Alexandra PEÑA REVELLEZ, France
Chair: Dobroslawa Kasprowicz, Poland

S5. Crystals and films for sensors and detectors

The session will focus on issues related to the development of crystal and film technology and the impact on the changing landscape of sensor and detector technology, highlighting practical applications, innovations and future directions in this dynamic field.

Chair: Radhakrishnan Sumathi, Germany
Chair: Wilfried Prellier, France

S6. Crystallization for food and pharmaceutical production

The session will focus on issues related to the development of crystal and film technology and the impact on the changing landscape of sensor and detector technology, highlighting practical applications, innovations and future directions in this dynamic field.

Chair: Elena Simone, Italy
Chair: Szilagyi Botond, Hungary

S7. Growth of nanocrystals

The session emphasises advanced growth and fabrication techniques for nanocrystals as well as nanowire and nanostructured materials. It delves into understanding growth mechanisms to precisely control their properties and engineering processes at the nanoscale to achieve specific properties tailored to target applications.

Chair: Zbigniew R. Zytkiewicz, Poland
Chair: Lutz Geelhaar, Germany
Chair: Marta Sobanska, Poland

S8. Growth of 2D-materials

This session centers on studying the creation, analysis, and uses of two-dimensional (2D) materials. These materials possess distinct properties that either differ from or surpass their larger crystalline forms, sparking scientific and technological intrigue. The goal here is to investigate fresh approaches and advancements in 2D materials, drawing from contributions by prominent researchers, while also pinpointing crucial challenges in their evolution.

Chair: Raffaella Lo Nigro, Italy
Chair: Ivan Shtepliuk, Sweden

S9. Bio-crystallization

This session will discuss exploring the fascinating realm of crystal structures in biological systems. Discover the complex processes of crystal formation in living organisms, discussing their relevance to biological function and potential applications in fields such as medicine and biotechnology. Experts will delve into the forefront of biocrystallisation research, uncovering its mysteries and implications for various scientific fields.

Chair: Monika Spano, France
Chair: Filipa Castro, Portugal

S10. Characterization and defects in crystalline materials

This session will discuss topics related to the study of crystal structures and imperfections, providing an opportunity to learn about the state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies used to analyze and understand defects in crystalline materials, uncovering their impact on material properties and performance. Discussion will include, but not be limited to, the possibilities of precise characterization techniques and the implications of defects in applications ranging from materials science to engineering.

Chair: Ana Cros Stoestter, Spain
Chair: Katharina Lorenz, Portugal

S11. Bulk crystal growth

This session will focus on issues related to the growth of bulk crystals: from the melt, from the vapour, from the solution.

The session is mostly for those participants whose research is not covered by other sessions.


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